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Who we are?

We are a grassroots development of youthful dynamic residents at any ages who are committed to making positive change in our society and all throughout the planet.Let's do something innovative!

Our Activities 

We are youthful dynamic residents everywhere on the world. Living, conveying, making a move and making sway in our networks. Is it accurate to say that you are a youthful dynamic resident? Would you like to have an effect locally? Go along with us on this excursion of nearby activity for worldwide effect.

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​​​​​​​Start Up Hub 

Career Hub

Resaerch Hub

Have you ever felt these?

Study is getting over, now what profession to choose? 

Finally going to start my own business! but wait, what should be the first thing to do?! 

Want to complete a research but don't know where to get a fund!

If you ever have felt or feeling confusion or difficulty in making proper decision regarding this, Let us take you to our

Bee Forum! It's a platform where we take care of the creative & enthusiastic minds to get the success that they deserve! Let's find more about it.

Bee Tech has the following 3 core categories of services to offer its valued customers:

1.Career Hub:

Career Hub has the following core activities:-

  • Career counseling

We offer one to one counseling for the success seeking people who want to make a mark but lack the proper guideline & information. Our experts understand the need of the clients & offer exclusive services that will tap their potential culminating professional success.

  • Monthly meet-up

Our valued clients will get opportunity to join a monthly meeting where our team will interact with the clients as a process of review & feedback of the progresses of the clients.

  • Appointment

We encourage our valued clients to fix an appointment with us when they feel the need to share any confusion or query.

Why you should choose us

  • We take pride to share the fact that we also offer Job Placement Opportunity to the deserving candidates who we consider vibrant & the most qualified for a certain position.
  • We also share news & opportunities of jobs to our clients who we think suitable for certain posts.

To be the member, annually there is a charge of 500 Taka for students.Sign up now 

2.Startup Hub:

Under this category, we put forward the following package of services for the budding entrepreneurs who are on the way to come up with startups but lack the proper guidelines.

  • IT support
  • Logistics support (both backward & forward linkage)
  • Creating liaison between clients & with business support providing organizations
  • Total step by step guidance on how to set up a startup
  • Supporting in preparing & submitting income tax
  • Directing entrepreneurs to the appropriate sources of fund
  • Arranging training session for developing skills of entrepreneurs

To be the member, annually there is a charge of 3,000 Taka for the clients within which some training sessions will be carried out. Other training sessions will require additional fees to make.Sign up now 

Our salient features

  • Enthusiastic team members
  • Special focus on understanding client’s uniqueness
  • Sincere supervision even after completion of work.
  • Our passion for promoting indigenous entrepreneurs in the country.
  • Our hands on experience.

3.Research Hub:

Within this research hub, our primary motive is to –

  • Encurage innovation.
  • T bring solutions of complex problems bothering nation
  • Accumulate the research enthusiast under ne roof
  • Supprting them with valued information regarding-
  • Funding
  • Preparing a winning research proposal
  • Publication / Call for paper
  • Guidance from scholars
  • Implementation of the findings

A large number of students migrate to other countries where they conduct research & implement their output. Our motive is to empower them with required facilities & information so that Bangladesh does not lose the talented youth.

For all these & more, for being the member, annually there is a charge of 1,000 Taka for the clients.Sign up now ​​​​​​​

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