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April 04, 2021 - BY Admin


In this world, with the increase of creative genius, creative criminals are also coming out! 

No matter how smart you think you are, the hackers are smarter for sure! They are out there to harm you, to steal user information, to make you suffer! For this, it is crucial to know about cybersecurity. Cybersecurity is the condition or procedure of shielding and recuperating the devices, programs & networks from every kind of cyberattacks.

This cyber attack is the new danger for the people working in different organizations. Not only employees, the companies & its target customers are also targets & victims of cyber attacks. So a strong protection of your system is a must for defense.

Let’s highlight 5 important aspects of cyber security.

Hackers have the access

Hackers are those brilliant people who just have no ethical consideration but got super brilliance. Now in the era of World Wide Web, contacting any particular person is not a tough thing. Hackers utilize this fully as they specialize in invasion. The email id along with contact address are found by search & so for the evil minded hackers it is not difficult to create a bait for any targeted one.

Mobile phones are new target

As more people use mobile phones much more than desktop & laptops, hackers are targeting this device. With extended memory of our smart phones, now we don’t even need to memorize the numbers & other details of ourselves & family members, we store on our phones in the forms of notes, contacts & screenshots. These are the soft targets of the hackers. Now, artificial intelligence is also working at a stupendous level. In the disguise of this, hackers are after hacking the mobile phones of the people they want to harm.

The trap looks beautiful!

It is said that “deceptions always come in attractive package!” the evil minded people who are out for cyber attack blow with beautiful deals. One example is – the fraud in the name of recruitment. There will be plenty of job notices with no valid contact details & links but will contain attractive headlines & pay packages. They will require a candidate to fulfill a lot of information. There will be pop ups windows & some of these additional windows will be enough to hack the information!

Lack of awareness makes it worst

So, who falls victim to cyber attack? It’s those who have less knowledge in various types of cyber attacks. Today, most of us like to operate & be comfortable with latest gadgets but we must also be equally enthusiastic about protecting our devices. With each passing day, the hackers are changing their strategies so it is extremely important to be self educated to spot them as lack of awareness brings the havoc. There are senior citizens or elderly members in the family who are not that much well adjusted with use of smart phones, these people hold the chance of being victims to clickbait offers.

More people are getting interested

As now people are becoming conscious about cyber attack & its fatal consequences, the scope of research is increasing in this field. Now organizations are investing more time & money to strengthen their cyber security which increases the job opportunity as well.

So, if it’s a fishy mail, or some generous offer from someone not from your contact list or a message that creates a tiny amount of doubt, don’t click it! Probably you are the target of the hackers. Talk to the IT department of your organization & increase the security. 

If you are facing a problem like this & need some fruitful suggestion to get rid of this problem, we are here to guide you through. Do not hesitate, just contact us. You are most welcome to look at our services that we provide.

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