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April 04, 2021 - BY Admin

Comparison between B2B & B2C models for Digital Marketing

Comparison between B2B & B2C models for Digital Marketing

Marketing, an approach consisting of a set of activity forms a connection between a business to its target audience or end user. An entrepreneur may choose between B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Customer) marketing depending on the products or services s/he is planning to offer. For example, Ali Baba group - one of the largest ecommerce organizations is practicing the both models for reaching their customers.

B2B means transactions between one business organization & another business organization & B2C means transactions between a business organization & an individual customer.

So, between B2B & B2C which model is more beneficial for a Digital marketing? While B2B Marketing focuses on highly concentrated/niche market where target group is more rationally driven and lead generation is more prioritized, B2C Marketing focuses on mass market driven by emotion and Brand awareness gets the more priority. 

Let’s see a comparison between B2B & B2C models:


B2B Marketing

B2C Marketing

Getting Started

Depends purely on trust and past record of   commitments. 

Depends on how well your content connects with the audience. 

Customer relationships

Building personal relationships crucial for lead generation especially during the buying cycle for long-term business.

It is more like transactional relationship. POS or customer touch points (website, Page, Profile, App) play more crucial role here.

Needs of Customer

More specific. As requirements are based on rationality.

Scattered and heterogenous as requirements are more impulsive and emotion driven.


Higher and consistent as sells takes place in bulks. 

Highly depends on number of customers reached. Hereafter lesser consistency and ROI.

Purchase Decision

Purchase decisions depend on payment facilities, delivery time, and quality consistency.

Depends on promotional offers and price control.

Legal Support

Contracts are secured as it’s either documented or legally assured by custodian.

Not always secure.

Brand Identity

Relay on personal relationship and consultative selling.

Relay on advertising and social media activity. 


Consistency and number of quality customer helps to grow to a scalable business model.

More than quality customers, gathering crowd, hype & variation in offering help for attaining scalability. 

These are some valid points of comparison between B2B & B2C models of digital marketing

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