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April 04, 2021 - BY Admin

Is boosting the answer to beat the rivals?

Is boosting the answer to beat the rivals?

If you own an online business or an e-commerce site, to be ahead of your rivals, you will need to have high sales than them, right? How to do that? People say, “have you boosted? If you have not boosted then how can you be ahead?”

Let’s see, if boosting your post on Facebook is the answer:

Facebook boosting

Facebook boosting is the process of upholding a post or content of Facebook to increase its visibility & reach to wider range of people or to more potential customers.

Why Facebook boosting 

Boosting is done or deemed as a legitimate option because organically a post has limited reach but when it is boosted, it gets to be seen by more people & therefore brings a chance of more engagement with the audiences or customers.

What boosting cannot perform

With boosting, criteria about the potential customers or audiences can be set to fetch target audience like age, gender, location & interest. As boosted post has the scope to bring more desired result than organic post, still it has certain limitations & with advent of Facebook Ad, boosting is losing its credibility. Let’s see the shortcomings of Facebook boosting:

Limitations of Boosting 

-> Language targeting cannot be carried out by boosting & that’s why there is a scope remains untapped. This is important because people in different social strata use different language, words, & expressions. Some are formal & some are informal but all of them are buyers & visitors of Facebook pages.

-> Creativity can’t be shown in boosting as the post itself becomes the advertisement so less scope to customize the advertisement makes reach limited.

-> Time of visibility can’t be customized as there is fixed options to make the post visible in a particular day within particular time slots. This might not suit the need of all types of businesses.

-> There is no option for daily costing in the advertising & instead there is option to set a lifetime budget. This particular issue might not be a problem for big companies but definitely an issue for the startups with limited financial resources.

-> Behavior targeting is not possible in boosting which leaves a great chance to tap in. there is market & demand of products or services based on the consumer behavior that must be known to grow a business.

-> The location targeting can’t be specified which is a big problem. Selecting a city includes residence, travelers & recently shifted ones too, so, if you want to target only the permanent residents, you just can’t do it.

So, considering all these things & mane others Facebook Boosting is NOT the answer. Facebook Ad can be the better option if you are thinking to increase your reach.

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