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April 04, 2021 - BY Admin

Power of Appreciation at Workplace

Have you ever felt that your employees are working hard but you are not even saying a little “Thank You”? Have you observed that talented people are suddenly becoming silent in the office? Have you given it a thought? Probably you should. 

Let’s see how a simple use of appreciation can bring the most desired aura to your work environment.

Effects of appreciation on performance

  • It boosts morale of the hard working employees.

  • It gives a notion that work is going in the right direction.

  • It simply makes employees valued as they feel accepted.

  • The sense of gratitude & gratefulness is explored among employees.

  • The bond among employees becomes healthy & effective.

  • The appreciation removes confusion from the minds of new employees.

  • It inspires employees to put best effort for next project.

  • The hidden disliking towards certain person is eliminated.

  • Mutual respect increases.

  • People start loving their job as well as career.

So, just appreciate your honest employees for their sincere effort & see the magic. Being a departmental head or in-charge when you will appreciate their work, they will just become more productive which in turn; will enhance the image of the organization.

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