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April 04, 2021 - BY Admin

SEO – The Mind Game

SEO is one word that has connected the world! SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization & is the reason for success of so many people today.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the most talked about word in this digital world. What is it? How does it work? Is it a mind game? Let’s go the answers!

What is SEO 

Whenever you make any content & you want people to reach out to you to experience your content, is SEO. To be precise – in this digital era, whenever you write something in a website or post a video on social media platforms, the intention is to bring people towards it, so you give title & use keywords in such a way that is often used by your target audiences. This is called SEO because you made the content search friendly in the jungle of internet.

So, making contents with terms & keywords that are the most appropriate to lead it to the top ten search results in a search engine, is known as SEO.

How does SEO work

If this article catches your attention & you are reading this line that is because of SEO! Think of the day when you needed to prepare an assignment on Strategic Planning of a university & you want to read some samples. The next step you will practice is to search on the web by writing – strategic planning of a university. When you press the enter button, you find a page with 10 results within seconds. May be, before this search, you had no idea that availability of such plans would require only seconds!

This is how SEO works because the writer or content manager has prepared that plan using all those keywords that are used by people when they would search for it. The search engines work on algorithm. When a user enters some words into the search engine, it searches for all those contents with the most & sensible use of those words & then brings that to the search result.

SEO – The mind game

In this regard, the SEO can be referred to as an act of mind game. This is actually an effort to understand the target users’ psyche & search patterns. The content creator thinks about the ->

* Need of the user

* Most appropriate words to search for the content

* Searching pattern of the users.

* Lifestyle of the users

* Liking, disliking of the users

The content creator tries his or her best to crack the psychology of their target groups. The more they are able to understand it the better the use of keywords & tags which ensures the expected response from the target groups.

Yes, SEO is an act of mind-game! In this era of digital marketing, SEO has got huge importance.

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