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April 04, 2021 - BY Admin

The negative role of family towards an entrepreneur

Family is the place of comfort of ourselves right? But not every family has a good tie. Sometimes a budding entrepreneur has to face the worst struggle from within, from family. Let’s explore how.

The obstacles set by family 

For a budding entrepreneur, the followings are some obstacles that are created by families.

  • The first thing some families do is the – discouragement of the idea of becoming an entrepreneur.

  • Instilling the fear of failure & the massive loss to face!

  • Telling repeatedly – “it’s not your cup of tea.”

  • Creating a poll from other family members that it is a wrong decision to decide to be an entrepreneur!

  • Not helping with financial support to take the project off.

  • Showing only failing examples to decrease the desire to become an entrepreneur!

  • The non-cooperation leads to harm the beauty of relationships.

  • Mothers are made feel guilty to pursue business.

With all such difficulty & tension in mind a budding entrepreneur sometimes has to be adamant enough to make it a success & stop the scope to doubt his or her credibility.

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