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April 04, 2021 - BY Admin

The struggle of an entrepreneur that nobody sees

The struggle of an entrepreneur that nobody sees

Have you ever felt that the life of an entrepreneur is layered? The success & glory is also discounted by a struggle? The struggle of an entrepreneur is something that is more intangible than concrete. Let’s put light on this phase of an entrepreneur:

The struggle of an entrepreneur


When someone becomes entrepreneur employing his or her full will & vigor & everybody knows it in family & relatives, it becomes an added pressure to be successful for them; in front of them so that nobody can tease or make a fun out of it that “it’s not your cup of tea to be a successful entrepreneur!” so, there is always a struggle for entrepreneurs to survive & survive successfully.


On the first hand, it is not easy to take the path of entrepreneurship, & then there comes the competition & continuous pressure to beat competitors. Sometimes the entrepreneurs are happy in their own way, but suddenly there is a new innovation by a rival & which starts to attract all the potential customers.  This rivalry is always a hidden struggle that all entrepreneurs go through.

Family time

Family is the ultimate place of comfort & happiness for many of us. But when someone chooses to be an entrepreneur with minimum support of manpower, there is no dearth of tasks. To perform all the activities starting from preparing essential documents to answering to customer query, the family time is adjusted. Somewhere in the mind there is a guilty feeling poking in always for not giving time to family that they deserve.


With the passage of time, the business venture needs to expand. To do this a sufficient amount of capital is extremely important. While this is crucial to be updated & expanded but it is not guaranteed that the money will also be available whenever there is need. There is a continuous stress inside an entrepreneur to improve the business condition so that money is available to be updated in market.

Health issues

End of it, the success matters & the success is felt in a sound physical, mental & emotional condition but the task of managing every aspect of a business & urge to grow it & maintain it hardly offers time enough to take care of overall health condition of a new entrepreneur. Gradually if the entrepreneur fails to balance between work & interval, a sudden blow hits & things get shattered as long term stress, restless work & mental pressure are the reasons enough to make someone severely ill.

These are the most observed struggles of an entrepreneur. If you need further information & tips to overcome this, we would be really happy to listen to you.

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