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April 04, 2021 - BY Admin

Three Reasons Why Your Organic Reach is decreasing

Is the organic reach of your business page in Facebook decreasing day by day? Are you clueless about it? Let’s find the answer!

Organic reach

When your Facebook page gets the engagements from its members & your objective is fulfilled without spending money for it, we call it organic reach. It means your target customers are reaching out to you engaging with your posts.

Why Facebook page

In this era of online marketing or digital marketing, having a Facebook page is the prerequisite to start marketing. Now, due to its excessive use, people find it is the most suitable medium to start a business. This is why the number of page is increasing by leaps & bounds. 

Decreasing Organic reach

As Facebook also has some limitations, it does not promote all the posts from all the pages. There is always change in the policy of promotion of businesses in Facebook. Now, the rate of organic reach is from 1 to 6% only. You might be disturbed to see the frustrating response of your well penned posts. Here are the reasons:

Top 3 reasons of decreasing organic reach or engagement

  • Attaching YouTube link

In this digital era, YouTube is considered rival of Facebook. So, in a post where YouTube link is attached or mentioned, it won’t be promoted by Facebook, no matter what is the content of that post.

  • Posting too much or too less

The video posts which are liked by Facebook most will not work if posts are made too much in a day. You have to be consistent – like one post a day or 2 posts in a week in a similar time period. The algorithm of Facebook understands it & values. Too much posts never guarantees reach.

  • Using click bait words

If you write click bait words or sentences, those get detected & never get promoted by algorithm of Facebook. Facebook understand the words & the meaning & it prefers the way that – people should have freedom to choose to see any particular post to see or to open. If viewers’ choices are influenced with compelling words that directly tell people to click, Facebook does not promote it.

These are the reasons in this era of digital marketing to be aware & avoid. Bigger organic reach is our dream between paid reach and Facebook boosting.  To achieve that, we must avoid these mistakes.

If you want to take your business to another level by applying sensible digital marketing techniques, we are just a click away to guide you. 

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