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April 04, 2021 - BY Admin

Top 5 Factors affecting job satisfaction

Top 5 Factors affecting job satisfaction

Job satisfaction is that extent of feeling of happiness that people associate with their jobs. Now what makes people satisfied at their jobs? Let’s get to know!

Job satisfaction & its importance

Job satisfaction is of huge importance today. If employees are not happy at their workplace today, they will search for another work tomorrow. Skilled employees are in demand everywhere. If talented employees can’t be kept satisfied, they will get less productive, absenteeism will be there for which the company will face losses. So, employees must be taken care of so that they feel happy about their jobs.

Factors influencing job satisfaction

  • The work itself is the first & foremost element or factor of job satisfaction. It’s the nature of the job & the out of it that keeps people motivated to keep doing a job for long time. Nothing seems tough or like a pressure if the employee finds happiness in the job. People say money is the main motivation but that is partially true, if the job fails to make the job holder happy, nothing seems to motivate for a large number of people.

  • The working environment comes next. At workplace, most of the waking hours of a job holder are spent & so, if it feels like a disciplined & organized place, it gives a sense of satisfaction. There are many researches about this working environment worldwide. The main goal had been to make it employee friendly where they would work, move & breathe freely without any fear or suppression.

  • Power & respect is something that drive people to do better. Need for power & affiliation with others always haunt people to lead the next generation at workplace. With time, every employee demands it. Some remain introverts but still there is a desire for a powerful position & more respect from others.

  • The compensation package is the ultimate result of all the hard work put by the employees. There is financial need for all of us every day. If an employee can fulfill his or her daily needs by the compensation received end of the month, the satisfaction just rises.

  • Recognition is the desire of every talented employee. After a project done successfully with honesty & dedication, all an employee wants is some sort of recognition. If a genuine talent is recognized & appreciated it just increases the satisfaction of employees for the work. It is the best non-monetary motivation.

So, job satisfaction is the outcome of these powerful elements.  A lot of it depends on the desire of employers to provide a culture where employees’ efforts will be justified, fair treatment will be promoted & scope to grow will be ensured.

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Author: Abu Md. Abdullah

Content writer @ Bee Technology & Research Hub (BTRH)

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