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April 04, 2021 - BY Admin

Top four (4) reasons of stress at workplace

Stress at workplace is one of the most common problems faced by the employees worldwide irrespective of types of industries.

Workplace is supposed to be a dynamic place as lots of people from varied background join with their talents to attain organizational goals. But this journey becomes stressful at times.  Sometimes the stress becomes so impacting that employees lose all the zeal to work & become hopeless. When this sustains it changes their personality form optimistic to pessimistic. Let’s find out some common reasons of stress at workplace.

Four reasons of stress at workplace

  1. Lack of technical know-how

Sometimes, candidates get recruited & start working. Initially it goes fine but with time they realize that technical know-how is required too for the successful carrying out of official duties. Many students sometimes fail to acquire required skills beforehand. If there is no training session arranged, then the lack of skills show up & with time employees get nervous & stressful.

  1. Fear of failure

Nobody starts a job to fail later on. But sometimes there is lack of confidence which gradually leads to fear of failure. Some employees continuously observe others & instead of being recharged or improving own condition, they become low & accept that they won’t be able to make it. This tendency makes them stressful.

  1. Meeting deadline

Even a skilled & seasoned worker sometimes becomes stressful & the reason is strict deadline or less than adequate time allotted to complete a task. In office, sometimes it becomes mandatory to take extra pressure to complete some emergency task, for example – changing an office location or installing new software. If sufficient time is not given, employees become stressful at workplace.

  1. No career growth

Employees are ready to work hard when it is necessary, but if after working hard there is no growth seen or no progress appears, they get stressed because, it is not easy to switch to another job easily, a lot of considerations are there but surviving with the present job is also difficult with no clear growth with time.

These are some common reasons for stress at workplace for employees.  If you need more information regarding stress at workplace & ways to remove it, we will be more than happy to welcome you.

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