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December 22, 2019 - BY Admin

What is E-Commerce & Why is it Important

Everyone is talking about e-commerce today! A lot of articles & conversation involve this “e-commerce.” What is this e-commerce & why today it is a buzzword, let’s find out!

What is e-commerce

When the act of business functions & the business processes that we see traditionally in a business house are converted to online platform, it is called electronic business or internet business or e-commerce. In traditional business, you see people in motion & working, equipment well-arranged, infrastructure well set, but in online business or in e-commerce, everything happens inside a business house for sure but there is the website or social media presence open to see for the clients or users.

For example – if you have ordered a cake from an online page, had a chat in social media, enjoyed the product but never saw the business setup that is the e-commerce for that cake producer.

Why is e-commerce important

Today, e-commerce is the most relevant thing. As most of the people love to be online or have to be online, it is the best medium to reach to the target people. So how it creates value for a business person, let’s see:

  • As a business organization, you do not need to spend a lot for a retail outlet.

  • The savings in cost can be re-invested to produce more quality content.

  • There is always scope to reach more people virtually than physically.

  • It is a trend to shop online, so more people love to this way of shopping.

  • Small business owners could never start their own outlets due to inadequate funding but e-commerce is fulfilling their dreams.

  • Even non-business personnel can think of & start online business as it does not make it mandatory to build or lease a building or plant & start operating.

  • E-commerce holds a special importance in the time of pandemic like Covid-19.

  • In physical outlet, there is limitation of space to hold & showcase products but in case of e-commerce or online business, there is no such limitation.

These are some of benefits of e-commerce today. If you need further information & tips regarding this aspect, we would be really happy to listen to from you.

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