Have you ever felt that you are at your thirties, life is going somehow with a moderate level of income but there is no joy in life? Each day you go to your job place with a heavy heart thinking this is not for me?!  This is because you have chosen a profession that does not do justice to your skills & talents & by doing this for a long time, you have lost zeal for life & things would be completely different if there would be some career counseling at the beginning of your professional life. So what is this career counseling? Let’s get into details:-

Career counseling

Career counseling is the process of discussion between a candidate & an experienced person who will talk about the pros & cons of different career options & will help the candidate choose the profession that utilizes his or her talent & aspirations.

Why career counseling

Career counseling is important because –

  • A person’s skills can be put to right way of utilization.
  • A student becomes confident about the future career to choose.
  • A happy professional creates happy customers.
  • Proper counseling widens the thinking capacity.
  • Career counseling ensures there is no frustration after joining a profession.
  • Without it people find themselves in cage of duties & responsibilities.
  • The feeling of being in wrong career leads to long lasting depression.

So, if you need any suggestion about choosing the apt career for you, call us or just send us a text, yes we are just a text away!

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