Do I need research even though I am confident?

Do I need research even though I am confident?

In most peoples’ minds, there is a tendency to start working before a little bit or full-fledged research. sometimes we believe I have got a great gut feeling & I have always been proven right on my gut feeling, it has never betrayed me, so if I know that a certain job or business is good for me, it has to be good for me!

Is it? So there is no need to conduct research? There is! Yes, let’s find it out what are the benefits of conducting research even if I am quite confident about a certain idea!

=> When I am confident, even at that time, a research can validate my thought.

=> sometimes out of confidence or overconfidence, I may overlook certain aspects, a research work before materializing the thought process can be an eye-opener, for example – the desire to be a banker as a job holder might be firm & a person may think, this is what I have dreamt to be so, I do not need any research to do before choosing it! Once a research is done, certain things can be revealed that otherwise could not be revealed are – the long duration of the job, the pressure to look upon the screen for maximum hours, the need to adjust to corporate culture, the challenges of qualifying in exams periodically for promotions! After such findings, the wild thought to be a banker can change if the candidate is not ready to go through all these.

=> When you have moderate knowledge on something & higher confidence on it, a research about it on related people with relevant queries & recording of data might turn the scene, it may make you more knowledgeable with optimum level of confidence!

=> Sometimes, a research work on a sorted out topic brings a whole new dimension of the element to think of. Everybody wished to be earn a profit by investing in the share market in the year 1996 in Bangladesh, people found successful investors everywhere that allured them to invest. Just if a research could be possible before new investment for the new investor, things could be different, the internal view had a different message but as there was no attention given to & people rushed to invest money seeing the early success, the sudden loss was unacceptable by many.

So, the fact is, no matter how confident you are, still a research will have some new elements to add to your thought or decided issue. So, it is crucial to conduct a research before implementing a thought.

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