Job or business?

Job or business?

After completion of the study, it becomes a dilemma for many people regarding what to choose between job & business. Especially students who studied business administration have to face a common question, the study completed, now what? Job or business? So, what should be a legitimate & logical answer? Let’s find it out here:

Why confusion

 There is confusion because,

– Our society is full on variety

– There are young & successful entrepreneurs in the nearby area

– There are job holders with attractive pay packages in the neighborhood & relatives

– Innate qualities inspire to join a profession

– Family pressurizes to be something which is against one’s will

– The available information is full with exaggeration & personal judgment

After completing graduation a student falls in great tension for all of these reasons. Sometimes students want to start their own business but can’t manage any support from anyone. In other cases, it has been seen that someone wishes to join a job sector but the family wants to take over the family business!  So what to do? What is the solution?

The solution to confusion

Choose Job. Yes, you are suggested to choose a job because you might be interested to start a new business of your own being an entrepreneur but still choosing the job first will help you in the following ways:

  • If you choose a job over business initially, it is a job for you, but the company you are going to work for is a business for its owner! So ultimately you are a part of someone’s business.
  • By carrying out your duties being in a job, you will observe the know-how of managing a business.
  • Every day at a job will make you experienced & learned enough to plan to start your own business later.
  • If you would have started business initially, because of being inexperienced, you might have made mistakes that could add up to the cost but being a job holder to a private firm, your experience will save you!
  • Job life offers immense opportunity to see a variety of different groups of people like customers, media personalities, and sponsors, etc. which increase the networking of a person that can help later in starting a business.

So, these are some reasons to give an end to the confusion of choosing a job or business. If you are also facing a similar situation, you are kindly requested to make a contact at the following addresses, we will be more than happy to help you find the right path for you.


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