Tired of doing the same thing?

Feeling no zeal for work anymore?

Working just for money?

There comes a time when we think that nothing is being added in my life! In a job or business, earning decent, still, there is a hollowness in life. Many of us work for the sake of working & fail to extract the feelings of –

  • Happiness
  • Success
  • Excitement &
  • The enthusiasm from the job

What is the name of this feeling? Is it an abnormal thing? Why does it happen? What can be done if such a feeling sets in? Here is the answer:-

This is called “Career Plateau”

So, when the good job fails to render the good feeling anymore & a person comes to the office, does things on time & attends every meeting but does not find any bit of joy in it like he or she used to get it in earlier days, it is the feeling of career plateau. It is a feeling when there is no excitement in the earlier days. At this stage, work-life seems bland & nothing seems to motivate to hold on to. It happens in mid-life, to be specific – after working for a decade when the ups & downs of job life seem the regular thing.

It is not an abnormal feeling

Yes, this seems weird especially to those – who are still searching for jobs or for them to whom a job is the most sacred thing & it is a sacred duty & so no question of feeling detached can arise! But to be honest, there are other types of jobholders as well for whom the job has to be enriched enough to offer sustainable growth or meaningfulness. For them, performing the same duty for a long time brings that joylessness & career plateau sets in.

Reason for “Career Plateau”

Most observed reasons for career plateau are:

  • A good grasp on job
  • Lack of variety
  • Monotony
  • Seeing super success on early days
  • No upcoming advancement or development to avail

What can be done now?

So, when a job is being done for quite a long time, where no immediate advancement is visible & a very good grasp on the job is learned with no scope of variety, such feeling of career plateau is felt. So, the things that can be done at this moment are:-

  • Acquiring new skill
  • Searching for a new post
  • Starting  coaching new employees
  • Sharing this fact with departmental head

 If you are facing a problem like this & need some fruitful suggestions to get rid of this problem, we are here to guide you through. Do not hesitate, just contact us.

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